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Joseph B. Hash

Emerging viruses pose a severe menace to international community health. EU-funded study is supporting to progress our knowledge of how infectious ailments evolve and adapt genetically, informing our attempts to develop an successful reaction. Researchers have previously used these new techniques to a number of community health crises, such as COVID-19.

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The expanding quantity of viral outbreaks in recent decades poses a apparent menace to our very well-getting, as very well as generally provoking extreme economic outcomes. Nevertheless, the rapid evolution of technologies implies that we are now able to detect and observe the

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New material enables switch to ener… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Joseph B. Hash

Engineers are racing to replace silicon in electronics with a more responsive and power-productive alternative. EU-funded scientists have built new equipment with prospective apps in communications, Online of Matters technological know-how, and even in detecting coronavirus.

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As equipment shrink in dimension and develop in complexity, we need to discover means of developing electronics to meet these requires and use a lot less power in carrying out so.

Recently, the strategy of making use of functional oxides in nanoelectronic circuits has been developing. Practical oxides can be built to quickly swap from an insulating condition to

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From value chain to value loop with… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Joseph B. Hash

Squander is only squander if you cannot put it to very good use! EU-funded scientists have made a round worth chain deriving revenue sustainably from soaked straw, biogas digestate and related residues, by using items this kind of as fertiliser, gasoline pellets and mushroom substrate – and boosting electricity generation in the method.


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The EU-funded round financial state task MUBIC centered on the transformation of minimal-worth agricultural squander into higher-worth products – one particular of which is utilized to grow mushrooms, whose cultivation the companions established out to revolutionise.

Much more exclusively, this product is

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Accelerare lo sviluppo dei vaccini … – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Joseph B. Hash

Lo sviluppo di un vaccino è un processo complesso e dispendioso in termini di tempo. Tuttavia, arrive abbondantemente evidenziato dalla pandemia globale attuale, il tempo è essenziale. Ecco perché un group di ricercatori finanziati dall’UE ha avviato una piattaforma che offre servizi, supporto, rete e formazione for every accelerare lo sviluppo di vaccini importanti, compreso quello for every la Covid-19.


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Quando si tratta di prevenzione delle malattie, nulla batte un buon vaccino. Sfortunatamente, il suo processo di sviluppo è complesso e dispendioso in termini di tempo, un fatto abbondantemente evidenziato durante la pandemia da

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