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Software defends against cyberattac… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

An EU-funded challenge is developing software designed to reduce, detect and act on cyberattacks on good meters in large infrastructure installations, boosting the security of our electricity provides.

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Closing the circle on plastic waste – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

The issue of plastic waste and its impression on the atmosphere requirements to be urgently addressed. EU-funded research is searching at approaches of building a a lot more sustainable plastic packaging lifestyle cycle to reduce the impression of plastic waste.

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New tools and trials combat the res… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

EU-funded scientists hope a larger comprehending of interactions amongst pertussis germs and the immune system, jointly with a toolkit for screening new vaccines, will assistance reduce whooping cough disease and fatalities in infants globally.

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HyperSurfaces control electromagnet… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Metasurfaces can manipulate electromagnetic vitality much over and above the limits of natural products. An EU-funded job has developed a multifunctional and much more accessible edition that could empower very easily programmable, smarter environments.

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A ‘molecular’ look at prostate canc… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Treatment direction for prostate most cancers sufferers is not exceptional mainly because current medical tests do not obviously differentiate concerning slow-escalating and aggressive sorts. An EU-funded job is addressing this by studying the underlying molecular mechanisms of the disease to permit personalised and effective procedure.