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Joseph B. Hash

Staff members can usually have problem performing with complex equipment in modern-day factories. EU-funded researchers have now devised a manage interface that can adapt to the knowledge and talents of any operator.

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Although it was once thought that the growth in industrial automation would lead to employment getting considerably less experienced, usually the reverse is genuine. Modern-day production techniques are so complex that sizeable skill is necessary to function them.

‘Even incredibly sophisticated machines simply cannot get the job done completely autonomously there is nonetheless a sturdy need for a human to supervise them,’ claims

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La robotique au service de la crois… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Joseph B. Hash

Les villes surpeuplées ne sont pas un environnement exceptional pour la croissance des plantes. Une équipe de chercheurs financés par l’UE a recours à la robotique pour aider les plantes à prendre les tailles et configurations qu’exigent les milieux urbains. Ainsi, les villes pourraient bientôt bénéficier d’une infrastructure verte utilisée pour tout de la generation alimentaire au contrôle du climat.

Robotics to help plants thrive in u… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Joseph B. Hash

Crowded metropolitan areas are not specifically ideal environments for vegetation to thrive. Nonetheless, a staff of EU-funded researchers is working with robotics to enable vegetation immediately grow into the unnatural styles, measurements, and configurations that city environments need. As a final result, metropolitan areas could before long profit from a robust environmentally friendly infrastructure used for every thing from meals creation to local climate handle.

Roboter helfen Pflanzen, in urbanen… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Joseph B. Hash

Überfüllte Städte sind nicht gerade die ideale Umgebung für ein gutes Gedeihen von Pflanzen. Ein EU-finanziertes Forschungsteam lenkt mithilfe von Robotik das Wachstum von Pflanzen in die unnatürlichen Formen, Größen und Ausrichtungen, die urbane Räume erfordern. So könnten Städte bald von einer soliden grünen, vielseitig nutzbaren, Infrastruktur profitieren, die von der Lebensmittelproduktion bis hin zur Klimaregulierung reicht.

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