July 25, 2024


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While information systems have opened up new company opportunities, they have also remaining companies uncovered to new threats. Scaled-down companies in certain are generally ill-organized to protect in opposition to cyberattacks. An EU-funded venture has developed new resources to assist companies, and by extension citizens, defend them selves superior and have created these available on an straightforward-to-use system.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined, like by no means before, the worldwide economy’s raising dependence on Facts Technologies (IT). Firms of all dimensions and throughout all sectors count on IT answers to carry out everyday operations and interact with suppliers and individuals.

This suggests nevertheless that when cybersecurity incidents come about, major financial damage can be inflicted. Cyberattacks also undermine the have confidence in of citizens and enterprises in our burgeoning digital culture.

“The on-line theft of industrial trade tricks, company information and particular facts, and the disruption of expert services – all these incidents outcome in financial losses,” explains FORTIKA venture coordinator Anastasios Drosou, senior researcher at the Centre for Research & Know-how Hellas (CERTH) in Greece. “The believed cost of cybercrime to the worldwide economic system was reported to be much more than EUR 775 billion a calendar year. Cybersecurity threats can also have significant penalties for citizens’ elementary rights, these kinds of as privateness.”

Robust cybersecurity resources

The FORTIKA venture was introduced with the precise goal of encouraging modest and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to deal with this menace. Scaled-down companies are inclined to have constrained methods, and generally deficiency in-dwelling expertise. “We know that the vulnerability of a corporation to cyberattacks is inversely proportional to their dimensions,” claims Drosou. “SMEs are generally inadequately organized to protect them selves and their digital assets, and to defend their clients’ facts and privateness.”

The venture consortium established about building resources exclusively for SME needs. Cybersecurity expert services driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for case in point had been developed to carry out menace identification and mitigation. The venture also evaluated the legal and moral areas of cybersecurity safety and included these features into their proposed technological answers.

“The FORTIKA AI tool for case in point ‘watches’ a company’s network, identifies any threats and initiates countermeasures if required,” provides Drosou. “Services like this can be quickly deployed by way of an inexpensive components unit known as the FORTIKA Gateway, which is mounted by the SMEs them selves.”

A crucial edge of the Gateway unit is that it implements a novel components-centered know-how recognised as ‘Edge Acceleration’. Edge Acceleration exploits Edge Computing (i.e. computing done at or in close proximity to the resource of the facts), enabling SMEs to entry high amounts of computing ability efficiently and affordably.

A Safety Facts and Celebration Management (SIEM) ingredient has also been developed. This customisable and hugely interactive visual interface gives close end users a friendly, quickly comprehensible and in depth real-time see of their assets, stability status and ongoing mitigation operations.

Cybersecurity marketplace

A different crucial accomplishment of the venture has been the development of an revolutionary system. The FORTIKA marketplace, as it is known as, offers SMEs entry to innovations developed each inside the venture and by 3rd events. This a person-quit store permits companies to look for for, decide on and down load the cybersecurity answers they will need. “An goal of the FORTIKA marketplace is to orientate modest company end users to trustworthy cybersecurity expert services,” claims Drosou.

“The marketplace is not just a suggests of ultimately marketing the cybersecurity resources that had been developed by the FORTIKA consortium. It is an open up system, the place a array of cybersecurity expert services can be marketed to SMEs all over the world. By giving SMEs entry to high-amount cybersecurity at lower cost, and with minimal effort and hard work, they will then be ready to focus their constrained methods on their core operations and thrive.”

Strengthening the resilience of modest companies – which sort the backbone of Europe’s economic system – also suggests providing some a great deal-required self esteem at a time of worldwide uncertainty. The eventual commercialisation of FORTIKA’s proposed answers – and the launch of the marketplace – will also assist to build new employment opportunities in the European cybersecurity marketplace and investigation fields.