June 25, 2024


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Flex tables - "The Pen-Pen-Ultimate Value"

Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Ultimate Value”

 / Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Final Value”

A Difficulty statement: How to exclude weeks and months from the Flex Desk card that are not nevertheless total so end users do not think the interval around time period quantities are soft?

A Answer Assertion: This magic formula sauce makes it possible for for a correct 7 days about 7 days or thirty day period more than month comparison by excluding the present week or thirty day period that has not yet done.

Demo: Use a beast manner to dynamically restrict your facts to exclude the latest 7 days or month from the Flex Table card.  Effectively this will improve Penultimate Benefit to “Two months ago” and Very last Worth to “Last week” in its place of “Last week” and “Current week”.

My “Secret Sauce”: Create a beast manner named “Week Filter” or “Month Filter” with the following method.

Be aware: WEEKOFYEAR() function can be substituted with Thirty day period() and `ACTIVITY_DATE` is your day details discipline in your dataset.

This will give the existing interval a benefit of ‘0’ that you can then filter in your card to be “Not In” ‘0’. Your “Last Value” in your Flex desk will become very last 7 days in its place of present 7 days and your “Penultimate Value” becomes two months in the past. Be certain to improve your column names to be clear in the General portion of the Chart Qualities portion of your card!