June 23, 2024


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You Probably Don’t Need a New Website

You Probably Don’t Need a New Website

If you’re 1 of the thousands of corporations out there that will redesign its internet site this yr, you’ve probably acquired the same nagging considered in the back of your head.

This experienced better do the job.

It could possibly be a twinge as you write a five-figure examine to your world wide web design agency. 

Our new web site better convey in far more earnings.

It may be a pit in your stomach when you look at targeted visitors numbers or conversion information. 

The potential customers improved begin rolling in.

Hell, it may well strike you when you are tossing or turning at night time.

A new site is a massive financial commitment — in both time and income. You want to be absolutely sure that the financial commitment is going to shell out off. 

And here’s the sad reality of it all: Most corporations that invest in a new site this year do not really require it. They’ve been sold a “miracle cure” that is not actually likely to resolve the problem they are going through. 

Of system there are instances when a new site is required — when it is a genuinely audio expense in the potential of your company. And which is what this report is heading to do. To assistance you know when you do require a new internet site, and when you don’t.

Down below, I’ll explain:

  • Why a new site is normally not the answer you are looking for
  • When you imagine you will need a web page but essentially do not
  • When you in fact ought to redesign your web page

Right before you invest big, let’s glimpse at some difficult truths collectively.

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Difficult reality No. 1: Agencies are happy to market you a web site you don’t have to have

Businesses are keen to offer you a extravagant new site with all of the bells and whistles. Their task is to promote web-sites, and you have obtained dollars to shell out. They’ll consider your funds and establish you a web-site, no matter whether you need to have it or not.

And they are successful for the reason that businesses believe a new website will fix all their issues. 

When they see their website traffic or their leads fall off, they assume they require a new site.

When their marketing wants a refresh, they imagine they require a new site

Whilst I’m not declaring a new web site is automatically a lousy expense, they can be an pricey gamble. They frequently occur in over funds and powering routine — and they do not usually produce a obvious ROI. 

Say you shell out $75K on a new web page that takes 9 months to launch. How can you be confident that it will be worthy of the financial commitment?

Really hard real truth No. 2: A web page is not a advertising and marketing or sales system

You assume you require a new web site because you need to have much more prospects and additional profits, but what about the new website is actually likely to do this?

Or, set it this way: What’s heading to make potential customers come across your shiny new internet site?

  • Are they coming to you via organic and natural lookup? Then you need to have a sturdy information method to produce and publish the articles that will rank in research final results at a consistent level, all when being useful to visitors. 
  • Are these prospective clients coming by means of PPC? Then you require devoted, successful landing webpages and conversion paths that will converse to their problems and existing your alternatives. 

In any circumstance, you will need a system for how you (and your customers) will use this new web-site — and any agency not talking about strategy is not likely to supply the site you need

Now, most businesses do communicate about system, but they are talking about a site technique — that is, website page layout and UX, not a marketing and advertising, gross sales, or enterprise technique. 

When you believe you require a new web-site (but you essentially never)

Even with what you have been informed, most web-site problems can be solved with out a whole redesign. If you’re dealing with one of these worries, really do not spring for a new web-site just yet.

‘Our internet site just feels stale’

If what you’re dealing with is an aesthetic obstacle, you could opt to update the styles of the current internet site to come to feel much more modern day rather of a total site redesign. You will pay out about 80% a lot less and most likely be finished in weeks in its place of months.

‘We just hired a new CMO’

A new marketing and advertising leader usually would like to shake items up and a new web site may be first on the list.

However, a new web page by by itself is not heading to repair regardless of what issues you’ve faced in the past. Pump the brakes and seem at some numbers ahead of you give your new CMO a blank look at.

‘We’ve just introduced a new product’

Superior for you. That’s remarkable. Do you need to have a whole new web-site to aid this start? Practically undoubtedly not.

If you want assistance, an company can construct you new pages with no designing and producing a total new internet site. But ideally, you can do it oneself.

‘Our sales opportunities are down’

I get it. It is demanding when your guide pipeline shrinks, but unless you are addressing your underlying advertising strategy, a new web page is unlikely to resolve the difficulty in and of alone

When you DO will need a new web page

Now let’s glance at the other facet of items. When is the appropriate time to redesign your web page?

Owning worked with hundreds of enterprises more than the yrs, I consider there are only two scenarios when you absolutely require to update your web site.

‘We are unable to update the site on our own’ 

This is the greatest one particular. If your organization simply cannot update its have web site without contacting an company or choosing a freelancer, it’s time for a new web site. The way contemporary web pages are created, your group should really be ready to do every thing from constructing landing internet pages to updating product listings without the need of needing to code. 

An outdated website is a liability that can make your business enterprise search terrible. 

No matter what you do, don’t get the job done with any agency that tells you they just can’t develop you a web page you can update on your possess

‘Our internet site doesn’t meet 2023 tech standards’ 

This has absolutely nothing to do with graphics or consumer working experience. Nothing at all to do with inventory pictures or site layout. As a substitute, we’re talking about Main Net Vitals, this sort of as web-site pace, cellular responsiveness, and website page scripts. 

If your web site doesn’t meet up with the modern expectations established by the search engines, it’ll be difficult to rank perfectly in them, and it is time for a new web-site. 

If your web page is not able to produce in these elementary methods, new visuals and types will not preserve it. Your indexed web pages will continuously slip in search rankings, and your targeted traffic will dwindle. 

You need a web-site that satisfies up-to-day thresholds for overall performance. 

Get the web-site you require

A website is a significant order — and the course of action is both enjoyable and tense. If you believe you’re in the market for a redesign for your custom web-site, do your research. Do not just speak to agencies that are seeking to market you the thing you’re deciding if you require.

We get the job done with companies just about every working day who occur to us following dropping a ton of spending budget into a new website. Rather of being the salvation they ended up hoping for, the web-site fails to provide results. Their figures continue to be flat, and they’re still left scratching their heads as to why it did not perform.

Prevent their issues.

Question the suitable concerns so you know you’re finding the web-site you want. 

And if you happen to be not sure what you need, start off with our free of charge web page general performance assessment. You can get the insights you have been seeking for.