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Updated with list: Majority of Next Generation ACOs earned shared savings

All but two of 39 accountable treatment corporations reporting outcomes in the Future Generation ACO product acquired shared cost savings fairly than owed money, a figure the Nationwide Association of ACOs touts as a good results for price-primarily based, capitated payments. 

Future Generation is Medicare’s product of greatest possibility. NAACOS would like to see the 4-12 months product created permanent.

Collectively, Future Gen ACOs saved Medicare $559 million final 12 months, according to partial 2019 performance information created obtainable by the Facilities for Medicare and Medicaid Companies.

WHY THIS Matters

ACOs are accountable for the charge and quality of beneficiary treatment. They generate the proper to share with Medicare cost savings generated if specified paying and quality metrics are met. 

ACOs strike an normal quality rating of ninety three.seven{ae9868201ea352e02dded42c9f03788806ac4deebecf3e725332939dc9b357ad} out of a fantastic rating of a hundred, increasing treatment for one.two million seniors, according to NAACOS. 

Just after accounting for shared cost savings paid out to ACOs for holding down costs and hitting quality targets as well as shared losses and discount rates paid out to the federal government, the Future Gen application netted $204 million to Medicare in 2019. By comparison, Future Gen ACOs saved Medicare $406 million in 2018 and netted $185 million soon after shared cost savings and losses.

THE Greater Pattern

Introduced in 2016, and prolonged by a 12 months to finish at the finish of 2021, Future Gen builds off former innovation types, this kind of as Pioneer, which began in 2012. CMS prolonged the application thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ON THE Report

“For every 12 months of the application, Future Gen ACOs yielded cost savings for Medicare money although also displaying an improvement in quality. Very handful of courses CMS has developed in excess of the several years can say that,” explained Clif Gaus, president and CEO of the Nationwide Association of ACOs. “NAACOS proceeds to contact on CMS to make the Future Gen product a permanent fixture in Medicare, both as a stand-alone application or an alternative within the Shared Personal savings Program.”

ACO Identify Complete Aligned Beneficiaries Complete Benchmark Expenditures Complete True Expenditures for Aligned Beneficiaries Gained Shared Personal savings Payments/Owe Shared Losses
Steward Integrated Care Community, Inc. 116,246 $one,544,646,145 $one,522,698,357 $17,207,066
ThedaCare ACO, LLC fifteen,874 $one hundred forty four,559,315 $143,365,443 $935,996
Pioneer Valley Accountable Care, LLC forty four,201 $520,627,651 $514,213,418 $five,028,759
CHESS NEXTGEN LLC 29,367 $337,266,985 $327,680,918 $nine,394,345
Accountable Care Coalition of Southeast Texas, Inc 17,389 $236,869,357 $219,148,172 $17,366,762
Trinity Wellbeing ACO, Inc. 77,901 $941,696,538 $910,594,340 $24,384,123
Henry Ford Doctors Accountable Care Firm, LLC 26,572 $359,326,038 $352,466,223 $five,378,095
Deaconess Care Integration, LLC 39,968 $439,346,234 $427,837,229 $nine,023,060
Park Nicollet Clinic 14,229 $150,026,494 $147,574,093 $one,922,682
UnityPoint Accountable Care L.C. a hundred,200 $one,071,112,979 $one,016,449,896 $forty one,987,629
Health practitioner Companions LTD. 12,403 $122,716,225 $119,682,569 $two,378,386
Triad Healthcare Community, L.L.C. 28,801 $three hundred,956,244 $291,697,913 $nine,073,165
Atrius Wellbeing, Inc. 39,354 $471,519,011 $452,676,439 $18,465,721
HCP California, LLC thirty,217 $423,063,832 $435,448,822 ($nine,907,993)
NW Momentum Wellbeing Companions ACO, LLC thirteen,787 $131,396,899 $129,738,056 $one,three hundred,533
UT Southwestern Accountable Care Community ninety four,625 $one,239,092,055 $one,187,431,915 $50,626,938
Accountable Care Solutions, LLC ten,952 $150,604,322 $149,668,641 $916,968
St. Luke’s Clinic Coordinated Care, LTD 32,489 $346,525,684 $317,278,019 $22,930,169
ProHealth Alternatives, LLC fifteen,809 $163,214,109 $158,499,385 $three,696,343
Indiana College Wellbeing sixty three,692 $753,934,320 $711,353,369 $29,554,225
Carilion Clinic Medicare Shared Personal savings Enterprise, LLC 52,775 $536,490,623 $510,506,034 $20,371,918
Arizona Care Community, LLC 35,751 $399,075,814 $397,495,209 $one,239,195
APA ACO, Inc. thirty,740 $504,936,872 $467,646,269 $19,793,525
UNC Senior Alliance, LLC thirty,357 $316,423,039 $301,828,764 $14,302,389
UW Wellbeing ACO, Inc. 27,498 $267,722,517 $256,244,488 $8,998,775
Reliant Health care Group, Inc ten,851 $a hundred and forty,684,947 $130,546,703 $nine,935,480
Reliance Future Gen ACO, LLC 12,668 $169,196,334 $158,615,389 $8,295,461
Major Care Alliance thirteen,011 $163,293,662 $142,200,984 $20,670,824
Revere Wellbeing fifteen,399 $176,343,855 $171,698,950 $three,641,606
CoxHealth Accountable Care, LLC 19,531 $183,521,482 $184,852,277 ($one,064,636)
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Woman Wellbeing Technique Medical Community, LLC 25,270 $280,978,730 $260,736,786 $sixteen,521,549
CareMount ACO 24,664 $305,582,388 $291,043,463 $eleven,398,517
Primaria ACO, LLC 28,656 $336,591,843 $313,302,980 $22,823,085
Very best Care Collaborative 14,795 $176,349,676 $168,947,631 $seven,254,004
Accountable Care Coalition of Tennessee, LLC 22,489 $221,941,879 $205,764,102 $fifteen,854,222
Torrance Memorial Integrated Doctors, LLC 12,139 $171,013,621 $one hundred sixty,358,836 $six,703,734
NEQCA Accountable Care, Inc 35,261 $506,768,205 $489,561,739 $thirteen,489,869

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