April 17, 2024


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Turned Down For Home Financing? Get Approved Now

Are you looking forward to buying a new mobile home? So, you thought getting a loan would be easy. Yes, but maybe only until your loan request faces rejection from traditional financing firms. Frustration mounts when this becomes a norm with one lender after another refusing you. If you are in such a situation, you could find help in online mobile home financing services.

In earlier times, these trailer homes were not considered any more than automobiles, which followed the regular automobile-like depreciation. Not so anymore! Improved design features like premium and sturdier flooring, windows, and doors and a house-like thick wall construction have made them more durable. 

Long-lasting and proper maintenance and upkeep will ensure that these vehicles will last for years. In the present scenario, online lenders have started considering this to be an investment of sorts. Hence today, many more lenders than before would be willing to offer you a loan for your mobile home. It can take the form of bad credit secured loans or unsecured loans.

Online loans

Usually, texas cash out refinance online secured personal loans can be acquired through their secure websites. A simple link to the application will take you there, and you can fill out your financial details and mentions of references. Once this is done, it may be as early as 24 hours to receive confirmation of your loans getting approved.

You’ll have the option of either having the lender pay the dealer or conducting this entire transaction via your bank account – the second option will place you in a better position as far as bargaining with the dealer is concerned. The period options for repayment of secured personal loans may vary from seven years to even thirty years!

Be careful with the warranties:

Be extra careful about the warranties that these lenders offer. The warranty can either be an add-on or be included in the total price of the home. A wise thing to do would be to opt for a warranty plan that puts the least financial burden on you for defects in the subsequent five to ten years of the purchase. Ideally, a warranty should provide cover for manufacturing defects for up to fifteen years.

There may be features like a central AC unit, refrigerator, or a washer/dryer, to name a few that may not be included, so these changes/installations may need to be kept in mind. Also, ensure that moving and setting up your mobile home is included in the price.

Thought of tax?

In some states, the land where you’ll be placing your mobile home is owned by you would be titled as real property upon setting it upon a foundation. In such a case, you’ll be liable to pay the real estate tax, which will be deducted from your income tax. But, you’ll need to find out whether this is the case, because if your state doesn’t consider this land to be ‘real property,’ it will be taxable under the head ‘personal property.’