April 14, 2024


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Top maternity insurance plans in India 2020

11 Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2020 (Review & Comparison) | Cash  Overflow

Maternity insurance plans in India have become popular and common in the past few years. Every couple desires to welcome their newborn into this world with the best hospitality and services. With the skyrocketing medical expenses that are increasing at a fast pace, it can become difficult at times to afford the best delivery facility at a decent hospital. Therefore, the safest option is to start investing in maternity insurance plans. Check out the most beneficial and balanced plans available. 

Here is a list of top maternity health insurance in India that are offering the best coverages at a reasonable rate. Choose any of these and enjoy the benefits of experiencing parenthood without any additional stress. 

Religare Maternity Insurance – Joy Today 

The reason why this policy is considered as the top one in this genre is that it comes with a waiting period as low as 9 monthly only. It provides all the necessary coverages like in-hospitalisation expenses including private A.C room rent with no sub-limit, newborn baby coverage for 90 days after his birth, maternity coverage including prenatal and postnatal care expenses. One can also pay for the aggregate premium at once at the time of buying the insurance plan. 

SBI Arogya Premium 

This policy also comes with a short waiting period of 9 months with no mandatory regulations on pre-plan or pre-policy check up for up to 55 years of age. The insured individual also gets the benefits of no claim bonus of 10{ae9868201ea352e02dded42c9f03788806ac4deebecf3e725332939dc9b357ad} on the sum insured. Air ambulance costs for up to 1 lakh are also covered in this plan. Free health check-ups are also a part of the policy after 4 non-claim years. 

HDFC ERGO Health Easy Health Premium 

The HDFC Ergo health insurance plan comes under three variants; standard, exclusive and premium. Out of these three variations, the premium one is the most advanced plan which also covers the maternity period, and offers the benefits of maternity insurance plans. The insured is also entitled to a daily cash benefit. Those who are looking for a comprehensive maternity insurance plan can opt for this one. 

Max Bupa Heartbeat Gold

The plan offers an overall coverage of 50 lakhs and a maternity insurance coverage of 50,000 under the plan. The insured gets medical coverage for the maternity period as well. Apart from that, some special coverages like expenses on mental disorders and their treatment. If one is looking for a comprehensive plan that covers all types of coverage, this one will be an ideal option. 

HDFC ERGO My Health Medisure Classic 

This one is also a comprehensive insurance plan by HDFC ERGO that offers the benefits of maternity insurance plan as well. The insured can get exclusive benefits like domiciliary hospitalization expenses, non-allopathic AYUSH treatment, a no-claim bonus of 5{ae9868201ea352e02dded42c9f03788806ac4deebecf3e725332939dc9b357ad} on every claim-free year. The newborn baby also enjoys health coverage for 90 days after birth. 

Star Health Wedding Gift Insurance Cover

This maternity insurance plan is ideal for covering maternity costs and expenses incurred at the time of delivery. It covers all the basic coverages like prenatal and postnatal expenses, cost of childbirth, a lump sum amount of 1000 for a diagnostic test, newborn coverage for congenital disorders or defects, a lumpsum amount for babies with down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy. This policy is a perfect gift for new married couples than parents or relatives can also think of giving at their wedding. 

Maternity insurance plans are perfect for couples expecting their first child, given they will experience every emotion related to the event for the first time. The insurance plan will allow them to set aside all the tension and worries related to the delivery expenses and relish the experience to most of their anticipation!