April 15, 2024


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7 Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai | The Travelista

With the growing developments, Dubai is no longer estranged anywhere in the desert. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, you will do well to rent a car beforehand and get your license ready, so you can smoothly move through traffic at any time of the day that you like. Few things have to be kept in mind while you enjoy your trip and rent a car Dubai for smooth transportation.

Visit between October and April: You do not want to face the heat of the summer months in this city. The air conditioner in your rented car can only help you so much. Therefore, go for the winter months which give you a pleasant, beach weather.

Book your hotels months in advance: Dubai is currently one of the favourite tourist spots among many. Hence, if you keep things for the last minute, you might be caught in a pickle. Similarly, make sure to clear out your rental booking beforehand for a hassle-free travel experience.

Always rent a car for hassle-free transportation: Instead for opting a public transportation, rent and save a lot of unnecessary expenditure. From economic and regular options to luxury and supercars, get the car all to yourself from a car rental service.

Look at flights six months ahead: This is the time when the international flights offer you the best rates for flying, and who does not appreciate a steal deal. To save a few more bucks, getting a rented car will turn out to be more cost-effective than public transportation.

Dress modestly: You would not want to catch unwanted attention wherever you go. With the city dressing a bit more conservatively, avoiding flashy, flamboyant clothes will be wiser. Besides, with the heat, you will need to cover yourself in comfortable clothes. You can always drive down to one of the many malls in your rented car, which offer great deals for some shopping.

Tipping: If you are from the US, your math skills have been improved with all the calculations required for tipping in any place. Here though, such is not the tradition. Typically, a small tip maybe paid for certain services, but for the larger part, taxi drivers or restaurants do not expect you to tip them as a mandatory requirement.

Giving an address to taxi driversThe taxi drivers might not be as well versed with the various streets as you might expect. Therefore, simply giving an address might not work without a landmark. You can also opt for skilled drivers with a rented car who will easily take you to any destination you like.

With its various activities and luxurious services, a vacation spent in Dubai can never be a miss. Just rent a car and get ready to tour around the city.