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StoryReel Review 2022: 100% Honest Insights

StoryReel Review 2022: 100% Honest Insights

Looking for a good vertical format video maker? Check out this StoryReel Review.

StoryReel Review

StoryReel Review 2022: 100% Honest Insights

The Good

  • Edit the text as your own
  • Customize templates easily
  • Add background music from Music Library
  • Nothing to download
  • No technical skills required
  • 30-day money back policy

The Bad

  • You need the good internet connection to work without the interupption
  • The process of exporting the videos takes a little bit of time.
  • The lack of a free trial is a major drawback.

If you want to have a successful marketing strategy in today’s world, you will have to create videos and stories that are eye-catchy. Marketers understand these factors. However, most of them do not have the technical expertise to make stories that can be highly eye-catching and attract an audience.

When people get everything they need to create such beautiful stories like stock images, music tracks, videos, etc from different sites, they spend over 1000 dollars. Despite all of this, you will also need a video editing platform. Again, you will have to shell out at least $300 annually. Is this all worth it? Do you still want to make stories without shelling out so much? if yes, then check out StoryReel.

StoryReel Bundle

What is StoryReel?

StoryReel is an intuitive cloud-based software for making vertical videos in the story format perfect for advertising. You use hundreds of pre-made templates to make high-quality videos proven to convert for you and your clients.

The telling of stories is a widely shared activity on all major social media sites. StoryReel is the cutting edge of video production, so make sure you’re using it.

Who Is Behind StoryReel?

Abhi Dwivedi is a software developer, accidental geek, entrepreneur, innovator, and developer of StoryReel. He specializes in direct-response internet marketing. In addition, he is the CEO of Vega6 Webware Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which he founded.

CourseReel, StreamReel, ReviewReel, etc. are just a few of Abhi Dwivedi’s popular offerings. Many of them have even made it to JVZoo’s “Product of the Day” spotlight.

What Problems does StoryReel Solve?

Despite the vast potential offered by stories, relatively few marketers are employing them. The main cause of this is the difficulty in producing such narratives, as well as the fact that not all marketers have a grasp on the attention span of viewers who are watching someone else’s story. In addition, making a marketing or ad story-style video is technical, time-consuming, requires a great deal of creativity, and calls for extreme caution in the inclusion of what not to include. The ability to do so is limited. This StoryReel Review contains the steps you must follow to work on the software:

Step 1: access the control panel where you can select from among a plethora of pre-made story video templates.

Step 2: You can customize the video to your liking by:

  • adjusting the text
  • adding a call to action
  • swapping in your images and video clips
  • incorporating background music or text-to-speech voiceovers
  • Adjusting the video’s quality
  • exporting it as an animated GIF.

Step 3: Once you’re happy with your video, save it to your computer or upload it directly to Facebook, a group, your profile, or YouTube. You can also publish from your mobile device using their app.

StoryReel Features

  • StoryReel Use one of the thousands of professionally recorded audio tracks, stunning visuals, unique fonts, and attention-grabbing video clips to make your story template unique in a few minutes. The Image Library provides access to over 50,000 images.
  • A library of over ten thousand video clips, hundreds of fonts, and a thousand-plus pieces of background music.
  • StoryReel Include your photos, videos, and audio/voiceovers by uploading them. Add a custom swipe-up animation, watermark, and logo to all of your videos.
  • Our cutting-edge Text to Speech software allows for use of voiceovers in various languages.
  • You can easily make lengthy video narratives. Thousands of potential customers are just a click away.
  • Connect to SyVID and LIVEreel (best-selling video marketing software). Make as many as 500 high-definition videos or GIFs every day. No monthly maintenance fee nor any other obscure charges.
  • Easy-to-understand video and PDF guides. It’s a no-brainer. Committed Help. Even if it’s the middle of the night, you can rely on them to support you.

Personal Experience: How StoryReel Works?

Most StoryReel Review say that its excellent. Like visual Twitter, you can update your followers on what you’re up to in the here and now by uploading photos and videos. You’ll see a dramatic increase in the number of people following you. When competing with traditional video and content, vertical videos shot in the style of “Stories” can allow you to be different and attract more viewers.

Despite stories’ widespread appeal, marketers rarely employ them. The primary reason is the difficulty in writing such stories, as well as the unknown attention span of the target audience. You don’t need any special skills or training to make amazing vertical style videos for marketing with StoryReel.

StoryReel is a program that can help you create long and short animated Story videos by using thousands of pre-made video templates. Plus, it facilitates communication with other mobile users.

StoryReel Pros and Cons


  • You can make samazing shorts and stories. Videos in a Vertical Orientation Utilizing Over a Hundred Available Templates
  • Making Changes to Video Templates
  • Select from a wide variety of professionally designed video starter kits.
  • Every Layout is Fully Modifiable and Adaptable to Any Market Sector
  • Use of ImageLibrary’s Huge Picture Archive
  • Make as many versions of your video templates as you like.
  • It has no recurring costs, unlike similar tools.
  • Make money writing and publishing stories for clients.
  • Software that Meets GDPR Standards
  • You can add your pictures, songs, voiceovers, and videos by uploading them.


  • The lack of a free trial is a major drawback.
  • Price increase.
  • There is a chance that an upsell will increase your total cost.

StoryReel Pricing & Plans

StoryReel ($67)

  • Numerous examples of social narratives
  • Superior text-to-speech capabilities
  • The ReelMerge system
  • Join over 500 different social networks
  • Compatibility with SyVID and LIVEreel

StoryReel Unlimited (One-Time Payment of $67)

The Unlimited update is a huge improvement for the StoryReel app, and it includes 200 shorts & Stories Video Templates. The Unlimited plan made available ten brand-new monthly designs.

StoryReel PRO: $67

This new and improved version of StoryReel is packed with enhancements to help your customers get more out of the software and generate more revenue.

  • SUPERIOR Auto-Video Maker
  • Automatically Generate a Bunch of Video Content
  • Stop It Hand-Made Video Production
  • Options Included in a License for an Agency
  • Digital Help Desk Sub-Account
  • Daily Video Limitless Uploads

$47 for a StoryReel Business

StoryReel Business provides its customers with a turnkey YouTube website, complete with a unique shopping cart and checkout system.

($57) The Ultimate Guide to Making a StoryReel

The StoryReel Masterclass is a four-week-long training program that teaches users how to make the most of the software.

  • Gain access to an ENDLESS supply of potential customers.
  • Employ as a means of locating potential new collaborators Globally
  • Licensing for Business Use
  • Digital Help Desk for Individual Users Cloud-Based Financials – There Is No Software To Install

CourseReel (Annual) $67

CourseReelAI makes it easy for users to create profitable video courses with a keyword. With the help of their AI-powered recommendations and their powerful, user-friendly video maker, you can easily create professionally-looking chapters for your new video.

Sonority ($97/year)

Sonority is a web-based music track and voice-over synthesizer that you can use to create custom audio for your videos and podcasts. Simply paste your text and select from over 15 unique voice-over options in Sonority to hear it spoken by a real person.

Why Should You Buy StoryReel?

The StoryReel Connects with an Audience of Billion. Facebook, yes, but also Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and even Skype!

  • They generate revenue.
  • To beat your rivals. To promote their products, increase brand awareness, and gain customers’ trust, 52% of all small businesses use Instagram. Stop falling behind.
  • They were developed specifically for use on mobile devices. Story videos optimized for mobile apps allow you to reach and engage more mobile users than ever before, who spend $65 billion online in 2019.
  • The information contained within them is simple to absorb. Countless people around the world are too busy to sit down and watch or read lengthy, dull content, which is why social story videos have become so popular.
  • They are easily distinguished from the rest. Videos telling stories have a unique visual style that stands out in comparison to more generic video and text-based media.

StoryReel Review – My Opinion: Is it worth it using?

Standard videos no longer cut it. In today’s world, people’s ability to focus is rapidly deteriorating. People today do not have the time to sit through lengthy videos. Because of this, your whiteboard animated videos, cartoons, PowerPoint VSLs, etc. are being ignored and not producing leads and BUYERS. As a result (and as you’ve seenin this StoryReel review), videos in the form of social stories are rapidly becoming the norm on the internet. Use the power of StoryReel if traditional traffic strategies aren’t generating results.