June 25, 2024


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Rubber Board opens call centre to help growers

In accordance to a push release issued by the Rubber Board, growers can contact Rubber Board Call Centre to know about rain-guarding and the safety measures to be taken during the harvest in wet year. KR Sivamoni, Progress Officer, Rubber Board, will answer the questions on the subject on Friday (May perhaps eight) from ten am to one pm. The phone centre variety is 0481-2576622.

In get to get a sustained cash flow from rubber plantations, trees have to have to be tapped without the need of interruption during wet year and for that objective, trees must be rain-guarded prior to the onset of monsoon. Produce loss will be superior in holdings the place low frequency tapping is practised, if rain-guarding is not done.

Information and facts about the solutions of the Board and also complex information relating to cultivation, creation, processing, etcetera can be routinely sought from the phone centre.