May 18, 2024


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IIHR commercialises probiotic fruit beverage technology

ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticulture Investigate, Bengaluru has commercialised its technologies to manufacture probiotic pineapple beverage to a Mysuru primarily based start off-up Makers of Mysuru Pvt Ltd.

MR Dinesh, Director, IIHR said the technologies to manufacture probiotic pineapple beverage is the 1st these technologies to be commercialised by the institute.

The probiotic fruit bevereage technologies was formulated by a team of scientists from the Article Harvest Technologies and Agri Engineering division of IIHR led by Harinder Singh Oberoi. “It took virtually a few years for us to build and standardise this technologies,” Oberoi said. The beverage does not have any artificial chemicals or preservatives, he said.

Chetan Gowda, MD of Makers of Mysuru, said that the company expects to start the beverage prior to March 2021. The company, which manufactures kokum-primarily based merchandise, is in the procedure of introducing new equipment for the commercialisation of the pineapple beverage, which wants a cold source chain.

Dinesh said IIHR is also seeking at commercialisng the technologies amid entrepreneurs in the North-East, which is a key generating location for pineapples. “We have sounded out the Krishi Vigyan Kendras in the North-East to develop awareness about this technologies,” he said.

IIHR has also formulated technologies for generating probiotic mango and pomegranate drinks, which has evoked interest from entrepreneurs. “We hope to commercialise them before long,” Dinesh said.