February 28, 2024


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Growing cotton in space – The Hindu BusinessLine

Wherever is cotton grown? Very well, in nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, and… in space!

No kidding. NASA is carrying out an experiment on the International Area Station, which is circling 400 km earlier mentioned the earth, to see how cotton grows in the absence of gravity.

Cotton is an indispensable money crop, and the entire world grows about 25 million tonnes of it each calendar year. The experiment, which will be carried out by NASA’s Expedition65 to the ISS, is developed to investigate to what extent the root process architecture influences tension resilience, drinking water-use effectiveness and carbon sequestration. These properties are considered to be linked to an improved root process that explores the soil wider and further for drinking water and vitamins and minerals. Such exploration styles are strongly linked to gravity.

Very well, then, what takes place if there is no gravity? Which environmental factors or genes are at participate in in the development of the root process? NASA will notify us right after Oct, when Expedition65 ends.

The investigation has been sponsored by the US retail retail outlet Target. No wonder, then, that the programme is identified as ‘Targeting Enhanced Cotton Through On-orbit Cultivation’.