July 25, 2024


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Give your CV the Perfect Title

Nothing is better than a good title at the top of your CV to indicate to the recruiter in the blink of an eye what you are looking for: summer job, internship, first job, a position of a senior manager, etc. You must therefore know how to title your curriculum vitae according to circumstances.

A CV Title which Announces your Project and Availabilities

The first thing to do is using an online CV creator to make an attractive resume. Now, it is essential to place a title, in larger fonts and in bold, at the top of the document. According to needs and circumstances, it can include one or two lines. The main thing is to indicate why are you submitting your resume or why are you the best for the vacancy. At a glance, your reader will understand your project. This means that the title can vary over the course of your career. Indeed, you do not send the same CV to apply for a summer job, an internship or a permanent job. You can also change the title depending on the offer you are applying for.

What CV Title for an Internship Application?

If you are a student or a vocational trainee who is looking for an internship, indicate on the first line your student status, specifying your level of study. For example: “3rd year engineering students at UCL”. It is not necessary to develop the acronyms of your school and your diploma. The title must be precise but also as short as possible. If your college is little known, do not indicate its name in the title, you will do it below. Instead, locate the specialty: “Student in aesthetic school”, “Computer technician”.

The second title line should indicate your project in a few words: “Looking for two-months internship / summer 2011”. You will be more effective by indicating the duration and the period which interests you. If you are looking for a one-month internship, specify it: “Seeking internship in July 2021”.

What CV Title for a Job Application?

If you are targeting a given position to build your career, the most important thing when choosing the title for your CV is to be relevant and impactful at the same time. Name the job title which appeared on the ad and put your main assets. It can be the name of your prestigious school if you are a young graduate, a soft skill or a mad skill related to position sought, your biggest professional achievement if you have a senior profile, etc.