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FT Global MBA ranking 2021: methodology and key

This Financial Situations MBA rating functions the world’s best 100 whole-time MBA programmes. A overall of 143 colleges took part in the 2021 edition. All collaborating colleges meet the FT’s entry criteria, together with currently being accredited by Equis or the AACSB. 

The FT surveys alumni 3 years immediately after completing their MBA. For colleges to enter the rating calculations, the FT necessitates that a minimum of twenty for each cent of alumni reply to the study, with at minimum twenty thoroughly completed surveys. This year only, mainly because of disruption from the Covid-19 crisis, the FT regarded as colleges with a decreased reaction charge. About 6,570 from the course of 2017 completed our study — a reaction charge of 44 for each cent. 

FT MBA rating 2021 — major 100

Discover out which colleges are in our rating of MBA levels. Master how the desk was compiled.

The rating has twenty unique criteria. Alumni responses advise eight criteria that together lead sixty one for each cent of its bodyweight. Eleven criteria are calculated from college facts, accounting for 29 for each cent of the rating. KPMG audits a number of colleges every single year. The remaining criterion, the research rank, counts for ten for each cent. 

Alumni-educated criteria are based mostly on the facts gathered above 3 years. Responses from the 2021 study carry fifty for each cent of overall bodyweight and these from 2020 and 2019, twenty five for each cent every. If only two years of facts are out there, the weighting is break up sixty:40 if facts are from 2021 and 2020, or 70:thirty if they are from 2021 and 2019. For wage figures, the weighting is fifty:fifty for two years’ facts. 

The very first two alumni criteria are regular income 3 years immediately after graduation and wage maximize as opposed with pre-MBA wage, equally weighted at twenty for each cent. For the latter, fifty percent of the bodyweight applies to the complete maximize and fifty percent to the share rise (posted). Recent salaries are transformed to US dollars using November 2020 IMF obtaining power parity charges. 

The salaries of non-income and general public sector employees and whole-time students are eradicated, as are the maximum and cheapest salaries from every college, to determine a normalised regular. Ultimately, salaries are weighted to mirror variations involving unique sectors. 

“Value for money” for every college is calculated by dividing their regular alumni wage 3 years immediately after graduation by their MBA’s overall expense, together with tuition, missing wage, option expense and other expenditures. Any financial support presented to alumni is subtracted from the overall. 

The FT also collects info from colleges on their recent school, freshly enrolled students and the most current graduating course. College criteria consist of the variety of staff members, board customers and students by gender, nationality and the MBA’s international reach. For gender criteria, colleges with a fifty:fifty composition score maximum. 

The research rank is based mostly on the number of article content by whole-time school in fifty internationally recognised tutorial and practitioner journals. The rank combines the number of publications from January 2018 to August 2020, with the number weighted relative to school dimensions. 

The corporate social obligation rank is based mostly on the proportion of educating hours from main classes focused to CSR, ethics, social and environmental problems. It carries a bodyweight of 3 for each cent. 

The FT World MBA rating is a relative listing. Educational institutions are rated versus every other by calculating a Z-score for every criterion. The Z-score is a statistic that exhibits wherever a score lies in relation to the mean. These scores are then weighted as outlined in the rating crucial and extra together for a last score. 

Just after removing colleges that did not meet the reaction charge threshold from the alumni study, a very first version is calculated using all remaining colleges. The college at the base is eradicated and a 2nd version is calculated and so on until eventually we reach the major 100. The major 100 colleges are rated accordingly to create the 2020 listing.

Some colleges that took part in the rating previously were not able to take part this time owing to troubles from the pandemic. 

Judith Pizer of Pizer-MacMillan acted as the FT’s databases expert.

Financial Situations MBA 2021 crucial
Weights for rating criteria are proven in brackets as a share of the over-all rating. 

Salary these days **: regular alumnus wage 3 years immediately after completion, US$ PPP equivalent. This figure is not utilised in the rating. # 

Weighted wage (twenty): regular alumnus wage 3 years immediately after completion, US$ PPP equivalent, with adjustment for variations involving sectors. #

Salary maximize (twenty): regular variance in alumni wage from in advance of the MBA to now. 50 percent of this figure is calculated according to the complete wage maximize and fifty percent according to the share maximize relative to pre-MBA wage. # 

Benefit for cash (3): calculated using wage these days, program length, tuition and other expenditures, together with missing income in the course of the MBA. # 

Profession progress (3): calculated according to adjustments in the degree of seniority and the dimensions of enterprise alumni operate in now, as opposed with in advance of their MBA. # 

Aims attained (3): the extent to which alumni fulfilled their stated targets or reasons for carrying out an MBA. # 

Occupations company (3): effectiveness of the college professions company for profession counselling, personal enhancement, networking occasions, internship research and recruitment, as rated by their alumni. # 

Used at 3 months (two): share of the most modern graduating course which had uncovered employment or acknowledged a career offer in just 3 months of completing their research. The figure in brackets is the share of the course for which the college was in a position to present employment facts and is utilised to determine the school’s last score in this category. § 

Alumni endorse (3): calculated according to range by alumni of 3 colleges from which they would recruit MBA graduates. # 

Female school (two): share of female school. 

Female students (two): share of female students on the whole-time MBA. 

Girls on board (one): share of female customers on the school’s advisory board. 

International school (4): calculated according to the variety of school by citizenship and the share whose nationality differs from their region of employment — the figure posted in the desk. ‡ 

International students (4): calculated according to the variety of recent MBA students by citizenship and the share whose nationality differs from the region in which they research — the figure in the desk. ‡ 

International board (two): share of the board whose citizenship differs from the region in which the college is based mostly. 

International mobility (6): based mostly on alumni citizenship and the international locations wherever they labored in advance of their MBA, on graduation and 3 years immediately after. 

International program working experience (3): calculated according to regardless of whether the most modern graduating MBA course completed exchanges and enterprise internships, long lasting at minimum a month, in international locations other than wherever the college is based mostly. For 2021, the calculation was based mostly on the regular across the past two or 3 years of international program working experience facts, if out there. For colleges that have taken part for the very first time this year, only facts from the 2021 study were utilised.

Additional languages (one): number of languages demanded on graduation, excluding English. § 

Faculty with doctorates (5): share of whole-time school with a doctoral diploma. 

FT research rank (ten): calculated according to the number of article content posted by recent whole-time school customers in fifty chosen tutorial and practitioner journals involving January 2018 and July 2020. The FT50 rank combines the complete number of publications with the number weighted relative to the faculty’s dimensions. 

Corporate social obligation (3): proportion of educating hours from main classes focused to CSR, ethics, social and environmental problems. 

All round satisfaction **: regular evaluation by alumni of the program, scored out of ten. Just after alumni answered various inquiries about their MBA working experience, they were requested to charge their over-all satisfaction, on a ten-issue scale. This figure is not utilised in the rating. 

Educational institutions with a fifty:fifty (male/female) composition obtain the maximum attainable score in the 3 gender-connected criteria. 

§ Alumni who completed MBA involving July 2019 and June 2020. 

# Consists of facts for the course of 2017 and just one or two preceding lessons wherever out there. 

‡ While we recognise the difference involving Chinese and Taiwanese students and students, in just China no these kinds of difference could have been observed when recording variety. 

** Group not utilised in the rating. 

The FT research rank was calculated using Clarivate Analytics facts from the Website of Science, an abstract and quotation databases of research literature.