July 14, 2024


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Forrester: The Total Economic Impact Of Dell EMCs PowerScale OneFS Powered Systems

Dell Systems commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Whole Economic Impact™ (TEI) research and analyze the prospective return on expenditure (ROI) enterprises could know by deploying Dell EMC’s PowerScale OneFS run programs (previously identified as Isilon). The reason of this research is to offer viewers with a framework to appraise the prospective economic effects of a PowerScale expenditure on their

To greater fully grasp the gains, expenses, and hazards related with a PowerScale implementation, Forrester interviewed 8 buyers with expertise employing OneFS. Client interviewees mentioned that PowerScale necessary small schooling and that controlling clusters with various PBs of info necessary about one total-time equal (FTE). Interviewees also mentioned that in addition to scalability and charge success, the efficiency and resiliency of their PowerScale clusters assist their companies aid quick business enterprise expansion and cut down downtime. Clients can also run a extensive wide variety of workloads on the exact same info established inside a solitary platform.