May 18, 2024


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Creating a Will and Testament online

Writing up a Will and Testament online differs from creating one in person with a solicitor. However, there are numerous ways to write a will and ensure it is professional and legally correct. In addition, writing an online will has benefits such as being low-cost, time-saving, and generally quite user-friendly. Nevertheless, it is a necessity, and finding an exemplary online Will writing service can take time and effort. Fortunately, online review platforms provide reviews on various online businesses to help, including reviews for Shaw Acadamy.

What are the uses of a Will for the family?

A Will and testament is an excellent way to direct where and how your assets are divided and keep precious heirlooms or art pieces safe. As well as maintaining records of purchases that relatives might not be aware of,  appointing guardians to minors, and limiting the taxes on your estate. This is also very important for making plans to care for someone otherwise unable to care for themselves medically. Losing a loved one is hard enough to deal with, and having to haggle with lawyers does not make things any easier. A completed testament makes the process smoother and allows the grieving process to begin sooner with less stress. Through a Will, an Estate Executor can be appointed to ensure wealth is distributed accordingly, whereas, without a will, the government would provide a Public Trustee. This comes with extra legal fees that could be avoided through a Will. An Estate Executor can also be a lawyer, husband, wife, or child. This allows personal trust with the wealth being divided appropriately. 

Other uses for a Will

A will is helpful to help provide for your family or other close associates and charity. Donating to any environmental, animal, or human cause is a noble gesture that is possible through a Will and testament. In addition, a will can be written up for foreign assets to ensure protection. For example, pets are lawfully considered property and can be added to a Will. A beneficiary can be named for the pets and entrusted to care for them, giving beloved pets security and a home. Funeral instructions can also be left in a Will. Although these may not be legally binding, they can provide guidance and help ensure that last wishes are met appropriately. You can easily change your written will throughout life, but sooner rather than later ensures safety in the event of untimely death. This allows editing and more time to consider estate and wealth allocations carefully.


Writing a Will and Testament as soon as possible is best to ensure all plans are carried out appropriately. Family, friends, and associates have many benefits. This can be accomplished at a cost-effective rate from home and save time traveling and consulting a legal solicitor. Therefore it’s always early to plan and have peace of mind.