July 14, 2024


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Best of BS Opinion: AAP’s hat-trick, Q3 profits of India Inc, and more

Which structural reform was finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman referring to when she said “a result in mechanism for a deviation from the estimated fiscal deficit on account of structural reforms in the economy…”, though presenting her 2nd Union Spending plan on February? Why are content firms the cynosure of all eyes out of the blue? Does the final result of the Delhi polls conclusively verify that Assembly polls are about neighborhood concerns, not nationalist narrative? Alokananda Chakraborty sums up.

Despite the fact that the last final result of the Delhi Assembly polls was in line with what many exit and opinion polls had predicted, the end result sends out a strong signal that voters are now plainly differentiating involving neighborhood and national elections, states our prime edit.

The Q3 headline gains of India Inc seem outstanding but problems continue being, states our 2nd edit.

The government would have performed well to have mentioned plainly in the Spending plan the specific structural reforms that had been liable for the deviation from the fiscal deficit focus on, writes AK Bhattacharya.

The greatest weak point of this year’s Spending plan is its continuing lurch to protectionism, writes previous CEA Shankar Acharya.

What has performed out on the Chinese equivalents of Twitter and Fb in the aftermath of the coronavirus disaster amounts, by Communist China’s specifications, to an on the web mutiny, writes Rahul Jacob.


“I like you”

Arvind Kejriwal though thanking Delhi voters immediately after Assembly poll gain