September 22, 2023


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Best Advice for CFOs 2021

CFO publishes columns from experts, consultants, and finance chiefs each year. We assembled some of the best from the wealth of advice our guest authors dispensed in 2021. These pieces struck a chord with readers and remain as relevant as the day they were published.

5 Leadership Traps to Avoid Post-COVID

Turn 2021 into a year of execution by recognizing these traps that are holding you back.

non-GAAP metrics

How Many of Your Primary Controls Are Preventive?

Fraud detection is good. Preventing fraud is even better.

Four Questions CFOs Should Ask Their Supply Chain Leaders

Challenge supply chain and transportation leaders to help build more robust, more resilient transportation networks.

The CFO Should Own Digital Transformation

Five reasons why the CFO is the crucial player in digitalization.

The Return of the Finance Talent War

If an organization doesn’t have a model responsive to employees’ new expectations, team members may leave for a firm that does.

Getting a Jump on Climate Change Disclosures

Start planning communications strategies and assessing climate-related business risks as soon as possible.

Evaluating New Health Plan Designs

CFOs aware of the advantages and challenges of emerging health plans will be best positioned to meet company and employee needs.

Overhauling the Finance Department for the Future

Hybrid and remote models provide finance organizations access to untapped global talent pools and specialized resources,

Prepare for Changes in Global Tax Rules

Some of President Biden’s new tax proposals, if passed, will have significant ramifications. Here are the regulations to watch.

Data and AI Belong At the Heart of ESG Initiatives

The primary cause of ESG failures is data: lack of data, lack of standards, and lack of understanding of how to use data.

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