December 4, 2023


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Are summertime and formal clothes compatible?

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If there is any factor that significantly influences our dressings even when we don’t want to change our dressing, it is the weather. The fact that we dress for comfort implies that the weather plays a very important role in our dressing. When the weather is cool or during winter, we opt for warmer and thicker clothes. When the weather is hot or during the summer, we opt for lighter and cooler fabrics. When we want to dress for work, we mostly have to put on formal dressing. However, the most formal of all clothing seems designed for the cool weather. This is considering that they the best of formal wears are mostly 2-piece or 3-piece suits that will be very uncomfortable during the summer. However, there are formal clothes that are compatible with the summertime. With the right information about fashion, you would be able to stay fashionable while dressing in a formal and comfortable way during the summer. This article will discuss tips for the right formal clothes during the summer.

Opt for wears that are not too dark
Metallic, charcoal and black bags might be great during the winter and fall. However, you should avoid these colours of bags during the summer. This is considering that they would look heavier during the summer. This is coupled with the fact that they will absorb heat. During the winter, the absorbed heat can contribute to keeping you warm. During the summer, they will only make you feel hotter and it will be counter-productive. Instead, you should go for a great summer or spring bag that will immediately complement your outfit and reflect the season you are using the bag. A bright or natural coloured-bag will easily serve you the most.

Use trends the right way
Chances are that the summer might come with new trends of clothing. You should be careful not to put on a cloth that would have a screaming pattern or design from head to toe. If the trending fashion is a screaming or bold pattern, it will be best to limit it to your top with a plain-coloured skirt or trouser that will balance the pattern. If it will look good enough, you might decide to use it for the bottom and use a plain top. You should avoid clothing trends, designs or pattern that will distract people from noticing you and your work.

Use accessories
The right accessories can also help to make you look great, update and brighten you up. You should get the right accessories that will look good with your clothes. At the least, you could put on a pair of earrings and a nice looking necklace. You should also make up appropriately to help you look your best during the summer.

Don’t break corporate dressing rules
There are formal wears that do not require us to put on suits and jackets that will make us feel too hot during the summer. While leaving that behind, we should strive to stay within the boundaries of corporate dressing. For instance, you might want to opt for a nice sleeveless gown that looks corporate enough. However, you should not wear clothes with plunging necklines or that leaves your back open as they have no place in the corporate environment. The same applies to your bottoms, you shouldn’t come in with shorts or skirts that reveal most of your thigh as a lady. As a male, you might want to just put on a shirt, trousers with or without a tie, but tucked in. You do not want to wear flip flops to work as you should still wear your corporate shoes or at the least, a nice pair of sandals. The bottom line is to be sure that you are not casually dressed by the tie you are leaving your house for work.