July 21, 2024


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8 Great Webinar Landing Page Examples for 2023 & What They Did Right

8 Great Webinar Landing Page Examples for 2023 & What They Did Right

Webinars are now the go-to tactics brands use to get more leads and customers.

For one thing, it’s a platform where you can share valuable insights and tips with your target market and win their trust.

Doing a live webinar is also a way to engage with your prospects and leads and build a relationship with them. Your webinar attendees will chat with you throughout your live webinar, especially during the Q&A session.

That’s even more personal and real-time communication than you can receive from your social media accounts.

More importantly, webinars – whether pre-recorded or live – give you the chance to go more in-depth about the product or service you’re offering towards the end.

They can give your audience a walkthrough on how your product can help solve their problems, deal with possible objections, or show the capabilities of your service.

So, to help you create pro webinar landing pages, we will include webinar landing page examples and key ideas for call-to-action buttons by using simple but impactful language that your target audience will love.

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The #1 challenge when doing webinars

You’ve spent the past few weeks preparing for your upcoming webinar: you’ve tested your webinar equipment and slides, got your background all set up, and practiced your heart out with your presentation.

You’re all pumped up and ready to go.

You click on that button to start the webinar and…

…no one’s there!

Zero. Nada. Zilch!

If that scenario brings back nightmares, welcome to the club!

That’s because hosting a webinar isn’t enough to get people to sign up. You’ve got to also have a landing page – a webinar registration landing page, to be precise – that’ll reel them in.

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Editor’s note

If you’d like to cover the basics first, consider our guide to landing pages, where we explore what landing pages are, what their business value is, and the different types of landing pages you may encounter.

What makes a webinar landing page irresistible?

It promises to give something extremely valuable

Even though you’re not asking your audience to pay to watch your webinar, you’re still asking them to give you an hour or so of their time, and their contact details.

That’s why the most critical element is a webinar that’ll make it worth their while. One of the most effective ways to show the value of your upcoming webinar is by writing a website copy that’ll leverage their feeling of losing out if they don’t watch.

Your prospects’ decisions are based on one of two desires: avoid pain or experience pleasure. 

Of the two, it’s the first that’s more compelling because they’re more aggressive in preventing a loss than earning something. Psychologists call this behavior loss aversion.

For example, if you’re planning to host a webinar on the topic of conversion rate optimization, sharing information that’ll teach your prospects how to stop scaring potential customers away may be more appealing than just sharing insights on how to boost your conversion rates.

It includes a video message

Studies show that webinar landing pages with an embedded video convert 80% better than those that don’t.

Here’s why:

Adding a short video message on your landing page gives your visitors and leads a sneak peek into your upcoming webinar. They’ll also get to see you and your guest speakers (if you’ve invited any), making the invitation more personal.

More importantly, you can share enough details about your upcoming webinar and still leave room for them to want to learn more.

It offers a Unique Value Proposition

Chances are, you’re not the only one hosting a webinar about a particular topic, especially if it’s something that’s trending.

The best way to hook your visitors and get them to sign up (and actually show up) for your webinar is to give them your Unique Value Proposition. 

This tells them not only what they’ll get in return for signing up, but why they should sign up for your webinar and not someone else’s.

It’s mobile-friendly

The majority of people today browse the internet on their mobile devices.

So it’s best to create a webinar landing page that’s easy for your visitors and leads to sign up on their mobile phones and tablets (Here’s how you can create one in GetResponse).

It evokes scarcity

Your potential webinar attendees make decisions based on their emotions. 

When they see that there’s a limited number of seats remaining, coupled with a countdown timer, they’ll be prompted to take action right away because they don’t want to feel they’ve missed out.

Evoking scarcity can also help you increase the number of your attendees.

The reason why the number of people that show up at your live webinars is smaller than those that sign up is that they always assume there’s going to be a recording that’ll be sent.

When you take this out of the equation, those that sign up will make more effort to show up.

Now that you’ve got the basics down and know how to create a high-converting landing page, it’s time to put them all together.

Here are 8 webinar landing page examples to give you some inspiration & help you get started:

1. Search Engine Journal

What worked:

  • The company’s logo is prominent, reminding you of who’s hosting the webinar.
  • The use of the word “how” in the title tells visitors that it’ll be a webinar where they can learn the steps and strategies they can use in their marketing campaigns.
  • Photos of the speakers are clearly seen on the webinar landing page.
  • The red “Register Now” CTA button immediately draws your attention, and the choice of text tells you what to do next.
  • The webinar description is very detailed, but doesn’t give away too much.

What could be improved:

  • Applicants are required to fill in too many details. Most people are not comfortable to give away information regarding their budget.
  • Having a long form with all the fields required is already daunting enough for visitors. Adding a Captcha right before the CTA button will scare them even further.
  • While the Home Page link at the top left is small, it still gives their visitors an easy way to opt out from the webinar landing page

2. Microsoft

Microsoft's webinar landing page.

What worked:

  • Here we also have the word “How” which promises solutions for contemporary topics.
  • Using subheadings for different sections and bullet points make the landing page’s copy easy to read on both desktop and mobile.
  • An image used at the top of the page clearly shows that the topic will cover education with young students.

What could be improved:

  • Adding a takeaway in the webinar’s title would make this more concise and able to get people excited about signing up.
  • Lots of offline, personal information required in the registration form may make visitors wary about signing up.
  • The CTA button is almost invisible underneath the form, making it easy for visitors to miss.

3. Content Marketing Institute

What worked:

  • The title is straightforward – you instantly know what the webinar will cover.
  • Using a striking color for the CTA button and their unique value proposition quickly catches your attention.
  • Using bullet points in the bios makes these easier to skim and read.
  • The landing page’s copy uses words that are easy for visitors to understand.

What could be improved:

  • Adding a hyperlinked logo at the top and social media buttons at the bottom make it very easy to opt-out.
  • Again, another long and daunting registration form.
  • The image in the title is confusing.

4. Forrester

What worked:

  • The video in the title box explains what the webinar is about. This is a great example of the placement and the value that visual material brings – a chance to get a quick glance at the webinar host, their tone, and their ability to bring value.
  • The page is simple, elegant and it features all guest speakers.

What could be improved:

  • The title doesn’t specify the topic, at first glance we don’t know what the predictions are about.
  • Writing the landing page’s copy in bullet points instead of long paragraph blocks makes it easier to read, especially on mobile devices. However in this case we have a very short description of the topics that the webinar will cover but none takeaways.
  • Asking for too many details appears to be disproportionate to what information will be shared in the webinar.

5. GetResponse

What worked:

  • The pain point that’ll be addressed in the webinar is the first thing that’ll catch the visitors’ attention, and get them to sign up.
  • Short and sweet signup form makes it convenient for visitors to sign up.
  • Takeaways from the webinar are listed in bullet points, great for skimmers.

Like what you see? Try our landing page builder for free by signing up for a Free-Forever plan with GetResponse.

What could be improved:

  • The sign up form could be positioned higher on the landing page to make it even easier to sign up.

(By the way, if you’re curious about the webinar, you can click here to watch it.)

6. Semrush

What worked:

  • The guest speakers and hosts are the first thing you see on this landing page. So before you sign up you already know who you will see in the webinar.
  • Here you can see that the webinar is suited for all knowledge levels, even advanced. 
  • Contrasting colors help draw visitors’ attention to learn more about what the webinar is about.
  • Registration form is simple and short.

What could be improved:

  • No video, and the description of the webinar is quite modest.
  • There is nothing wrong with simplicity however the page itself doesn’t offer any takeaways or value prior to webinar.

7. Slack

Webinar registration page example from Slack.
Screenshot taken from Slack.

What worked:

  • All the essential details you’ll need to know about the upcoming webinar are located in the body of the landing page.
  • The takeaways are listed after the description.
  • Register button will take you to a new page.

What could be improved:

  • The webinar topic doesn’t appear to address a pressing and urgent need. Adding more details on why visitors should sign-up and watch can turn things around.
  • No images of hosts and guest, and no video.

8. Outreach

What worked:

  • Details of the webinar are short and straight-to-the-point.
  • Using a different color does a great job highlighting the CTA button.
  • Terms and conditions are clearly shown with a popup.

What could be improved:

  • Adding a video to this landing page would have given them the chance to showcase their service in action subtly.
  • This on demand webinar appears to be targeting those who are already familiar with the topic or were previously attending webinars, not so much new attendees.
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How you construct your webinar landing page can make or break your webinar signup stats.

It could determine whether the webinar room will be packed with eager viewers or crickets.

Unfortunately, the common denominator for many of them was an old-fashioned design. If you want to avoid design mistakes, try incorporating some of the landing page design trends.

Take the things that were done right in these different landing page examples. Tweak them by improving the recommended areas. Then, test your landing page thoroughly before it goes live.

What’s great is that you’ll find a webinar tool and a landing page creator, both inside of GetResponse ;-).

What are your tested tips for getting more webinar signups from your landing page?