September 28, 2023


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Welles Prize winner Dogbevi shares the struggles of African biz reporting

Welles Prize winner Dogbevi shares the struggles of African biz reporting

Emmanuel Dogbevi

Emmanuel Dogbevi of Ghana Business enterprise Information shared his acceptance speech for the Welles Prize from the Columbia University Knight-Bagehot method.

Dogbevi writes, “Just like my incapability to pay for my way and arrive to New York, I have so many other tales untold since I just can’t afford to pay for to fork out for the charge of composing them. And from my element of the globe wherever I reside and get the job done as a journalist, normally my perform is deemed as an affront to individuals. I am usually found as a felony. Journalism is found as a crime.

“The law enforcement, navy or solution company, could come to a decision to arrest, detain and or torture me for performing journalism and there are judges in whose court when I show up, I am not most likely to get a good trial when I am accused of any criminal offense whilst accomplishing journalism. That goes without the need of stating that, I dwell in a democratic place with a constitution and a mantra for the rule of legislation and regard for human legal rights, free speech and free media.

“And most Journalists who feel and have the duty to maintain ability to account are normally unable to do their do the job.

“Think about it. How a lot of of these tales have not been written since journalists can’t pay for to. For safety good reasons and for lack of resources.”

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