March 24, 2023


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How to Set Up a Home Office On a Budget

How to Create a Home Office On a Budget and In a Small Space

Whether you work from home full time or you work remotely on a flexible basis, creating a comfortable and enjoyable place to work from home is essential. There are more and more people nowadays who switch to remote working completely so it might be a good idea to set up a home office which won’t cost you an immense amount of money but will do the job. For the majority of people, the issues come from lack of space or financial resources and often these factors are the guiding force to stop people from actually setting it up. However, there are ways for you to do that on a budget and make your working from home experience much nicer and comfortable.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some of the smartest tips on how to create your office with a small budget and what are the things you will need to consider as you begin. Anything from ensuring your comfort is a priority to letting enough light come into your space are all important factors which are worth thinking about as you set up your home office.

Define the Space

One thing which many people struggle with is separating their workspace from their living quarters. It can get rather invasive if the space you live in, you can also associate with your work. After finishing your workday, you must be able to go to your safe space that is home but because you are working from home, people struggle finding the difference between the two. That is why if you can, you should either set up your office in a spare room or dedicate a corner which you clearly define away from your resting place. That way, you won’t be constantly reminded of work and can escape whatever your day has thrown at you.

Use What You Have

In any budgeting situation, you should consider the things you already have before you start purchasing new ones. For example, if you are looking for a chair that would go with your desk, you could perhaps consider any chair you have at home which is comfortable and suitable for the job. Thinking about decorative items? Why don’t you look for any tucked away boxes which may have something you could use or complement something new you have bought. You might find more things than you think which could not only fit nicely in your home office but they could also inspire you and get your imagination going.

Vintage Bargains

The things that you need for a home office are very common and can be easily found in many vintage furniture stores. A simple desk with a vintage and sleek feel could cost you much less than a perfectly new one and what’s more, you’ll add some character to your office. There are places such as flea markets, thrift stores, vintage sales and online marketplaces where you could browse for your ideal office set up. For example, the Facebook Marketplace is a great place to look for unique finds which even if are a little worn out a bit, you can still transform and give them a new life.

Take Care of Lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements of transforming a space and ensuring it’s at its best. Allowing natural light into your working space could really improve your productivity and boost your mood but we understand that this isn’t always possible. For those darker rooms, you want to make sure that your working area is well lit. An extra table lamp could be useful for those darker afternoons when natural light is not really an option. Alternatively, you should position your desk in such a way that no shadows fall in front of you.

Add Plants

Indoor houseplants are not only good for decoration and adding green colour to your décor, but they help clear the air in the room and stimulate positive thoughts. There is a reason why people like to decorate their office spaces with plants and the science behind all the positives it brings is there as well. If, however, you are not confident in taking care of a real plant, there are other options you might consider. For example, an enclosed terrarium could be the ideal solution for someone who doesn’t like to or can look after plants. Normally, they tend to create their own ecosystem and don’t even require watering in order to survive, making them ideal for your office desk.

Following these tips and ideas, you will soon have your ideal home office set up and ready to use.

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