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Close to fifty percent of people in the United States have little to no financial savings, and almost seventy percent have less than a thousand dollars saved for emergency purposes. If people are in situations where they suddenly need funds to cover emergency expenses, they are not alone. 

A lot of individuals turn to payday loans (PL) during this kind of situation, but that can be a risky and expensive option. That is why these things might not be the best option. But do not worry; we have listed some low-interest PL alternatives.

What are payday debentures, and what are common issues with them?

These things are short-term cash debentures. Usually, people do not get good or excellent credits for these debentures since they are based on how much they make. Financial institutions such as traditional banks, credit unions, or lending firms usually require that borrowers pay the money back within one to two payday cycles and charge a small fee for the service. 

Although when individuals convert these fees into Annual Percentage Rate numbers, the interest rate (IR) is pretty high. Some states have certain protection against higher IRs, but rates can be six hundred percent or higher in other places. On top of higher IRs, faster payment terms can get individuals in trouble with this type of debenture. 

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If they did not have the funds to cover expenses, what are the chances they will have it in the next cycle? People still have to pay their living expenses like groceries and rent, so they may need most of their salary to do that. It will lead to borrowers getting trapped in the payday debenture cycle. 

They can roll the loan over, effectively borrowing money again instead of paying back the credit the next cycle. The financial institution will then charge another service fee. Some lending firms only allow a couple of rollovers, but others allow unlimited rollovers, which can trap borrowers in a cycle where they owe increases amounts in service fees.

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Alternative to this kind of loan

A lot of times, people can find a better option to cover immediate costs or improve their cash flows. People need to consider these payday credit alternatives, most of which come with IRs and terms that may be friendlier to the borrower’s wallet.

HELOC or Home Equity Line of Credit

A HELOC is an option if people own their property and have equity in it. Equity is the value of the property over the amount they owe. For instance, if they owe $150,000 and their property is worth $200,000, they have $50,000 in home equity. Conventional banks may approve borrowers for a LOC that is equal to the part of their home equity. 

For instance, they may be able to get a $30,000 HELOC in this case. Individuals can draw on that LOC as they would with their credit cards, using it to make various payments or purchase things and paying it back in staggered payment terms. Since HELOC is secured by the value of the borrower’s house, it usually has a lower IR (interest rate) compared to other debenture types. And certainly, a lower IR compared to payday credits.

Paycheck advance applications

Some applications let individuals take out advances against their own salary, effectively getting some of the money earlier than they normally receive. Some of these applications do not have high or mandatory fees. But they tend to have low limits, making them a good option for times when funds just do not quite stretch between salary cycles. It might not be a good solution for larger fund needs.

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Personal debentures or bad credits

Personal debentures are usually a better option compared to salary loans if they need fast cash right away. It lets people borrow a couple of hundreds of dollars to a few thousand dollars and pay it back over time. Short-term personal credits can be paid back in a couple of months or years, letting borrowers break the more affordable payments to their budget. Individuals can also get bad credit debentures, which are private loans designed for individuals with bad credit.

Credit cards (CC)

If people have good enough credit to get a CC, it may be a lot better option compared to salary debentures for a couple of reasons. First, the IRs on CCs are usually much lower, and people have some flexibility when it comes to how fast people pay back the borrowed funds. 

Individuals with decent borrowing history may be able to qualify for a CC with an introductory Annual Percentage Rate offer. It means they can put charges on the CC and pay them off without interest as long as they pay the balance in a certain time. Common periods range from nine to twenty-four months on introductory offers. 

Borrowers might also be able to get various rewards and earn sign-in bonuses, travel rewards, or cash backs when they use their cards. That can help them minimize the total cost of the expenses they need to cover. They just need to make sure they pay attention to their utilization and how it might affect their score.

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Tax withholding adjustments

If people just need a little amount of money every salary day to make ends meet, they can consider adjusting their tax withholdings. If they are not claiming all their dependents on their tax forms, the Internal Revenue Service may be getting funds throughout the year that is really theirs. Some individuals do this on purpose, so they get bigger refunds every year. But if they need the funds right now, making sure they get them in advance instead of waiting is better compared to borrowing funds they have to pay an interest rate on.

Repayment arrangements or repayment plans

If it is simply a matter or one statement looming that they cannot pay immediately, consider contacting the company or creditor. A lot of financial institutions have programs for this purpose, specifically if the borrower is someone who usually always pays on time. 

The lending company, utility firm, or other agencies borrowers owe may be able to offer one-time forgiveness options of late payments, let them skip payments and add them on the term’s end or let individuals break the payments into multiple smaller amortizations. Even if it looks like debt collectors are demanding payments in full, individuals may have some good options.

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