February 28, 2024


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Elon Musk Says He'd Approve Implanting Neuralink Chip Into One Of His Kids 'If They Broke Their Neck'

Elon Musk Says He’d Approve Implanting Neuralink Chip Into One Of His Kids ‘If They Broke Their Neck’

Immediately after a delay of a month, Elon Musk-led Neuralink’s “Demonstrate & Notify” event took location past 7 days. All through the party, Musk said the company’s goal was to make a “complete brain interface,” and in fewer than 6 months, Neuralink will have its first gadget in a human. 

Talking at the occasion, Musk claimed that he would be comfy implanting a chip created by Neuralink into just one of his children’s brains if the have to have arose.

He answered a question about safety troubles with Neuralink units when actively implanted in a mind.

“If you request a problem like, in my belief, would I be comfy implanting this in one of my children or a thing like that at this level, if they’re in a severe issue like if they broke their neck, would I be at ease undertaking it? I would,” Musk mentioned. 

“I would say we’re at the level where at minimum, in my belief, it would not be harmful,” he included.

Musk explained the firm was not “cavalier” in placing units into animals, and testing is completed beforehand. On the other hand, he mentioned, Neuralink’s screening is “confirmatory and not exploratory.”

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Musk joked that he could have a device implanted without any individual recognizing about it.

At the event, Musk demonstrated the mind-laptop interface know-how by displaying a video clip of a monkey fitted with a Neuralink brain chip. 

Neuralink is Musk’s brain-chip company. Previous 12 months, the agency showcased a macaque monkey playing a movie game using its views.

The startup has faced allegations of animal cruelty, to which it has responded that Neuralink is not “exclusive in this regard.”

Controversial writer and scientific psychologist Jordan Peterson is skeptical about Musk’s innovation. 

Peterson tweeted on Thursday, “Jesus, Elon, I hope you know what you’re accomplishing.”

Musk replied to him and said that in contrast to synthetic intelligence, Neuralink will be “gradual and quick to assess, as there is huge regulatory apparatus approving health-related devices.”

Picture courtesy of NASA / Flickr Innovative Commons